Evaluation and Impact Assessment

We carry out evaluations and impact assessments for public and private sector clients in-country and as desk-based studies. The evaluation or impact assessment is decided in collaboration with the customer. We carry out these assignments both on an individual basis and within a team context when we link with local consultants when required.


 We have organised and facilitated a wide range of meetings and forums with a variety of participants from village level meetings in Africa, to board level meetings in Europe. We use many facilitation tools including online meetings and forum discussions. Our approach follows the IAF and Roger Schwarz ‘The Skilled Facilitator’ in that:

Group facilitation is a process in which a person whose selection is acceptable to all the members of the group, who is substantively neutral, and who has no substantive decision–making authority diagnoses and intervenes to help a group improve how it identifies and solves problems and makes decisions, to increase the group’s effectiveness.


We primarily conduct in-country and desk-based research projects in Africa, Asia or Europe.   Our action research frequently includes working in enterprise development, markets, relationship chains, microfinance and corporate responsibility.

Training and Education

We develop training materials and curricula in the field of entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility. Our training activities include providing ‘Training of Trainers’ entrepreneurship coaching  as well as direct training to large (wood product based) businesses.  We work for universities and vocational schools to develop curriculum and provide lectures. We have knowledge and skills in developing and tutoring e-learning courses and experience in Blackboard, Moodle and custom-made e-learning environments.

Our  practical Training of Trainers deals with didactic issues, training content development and personal participatory training skills development. Clients include government agencies in developing countries as well as start-up companies and organisations with specialist subject knowledge but no training background in adult education.