About us

Why 360° Responsibility?

Our name indicates our main guiding principles:

Firstly that all businesses, regardless of size, are responsible and accountable for their activities environmentally, socially and ethically from an external as well as an internal perspective, and from producer to consumer.

Secondly that all stakeholders play an important part in today’s corporate landscape.

Finally we believe in facilitating sustainable economic development in the poorest as well as the richest regions of the world. Our geographic focus is on Europe, Africa,  and Asia.


360 Responsibility  was set up a decade ago by two consultants based in the UK and the Netherlands that between them had worked in Africa, the Far East, South Asia and Europe for more than 20 years. We can draw on many more experienced experts through our international network and are able to provide you with the best team for the assignment. Today, the work is led by Liz Betser and is now based in France.

Liz Betser

An international level consultant, manager and researcher, Liz Betser has worked in Europe, Africa and Asia. She has extensive experience of working with  trade associations, private companies, governmental organisations, NGOs and research institutes including development cooperation experience with a range of donors. Liz has an MBA with a specialisation in environmental management as well as an Agroforestry MSc. She speaks English and French